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Dear travel addict;

If you're reading this page, I'm guessing you like to travel and that you're pretty good at finding travel deals.

But if you're like me - you're ADDICTED to travel

You're the one in your group of friends who is always getting grilled about your latest vacation photos on Facebook.

Before you're even done with your current vacation, you're already planning ahead for your next one.

Your friends constantly tell you they wish they could travel more, but they don't actually do anything about it.

You try to convince them they CAN travel more, but they continue to make excuses about slaving away at their job until they can fit a trip in the budget.

You shake your head - knowing that they'll keep making those same excuses year after year, and before they know it - they'll be retired, too old to travel, and will start saying "I wish I would have traveled more when I could have."

Meanwhile, you continue to find every edge you can

"Good" travel deals aren't good enough for you. You know that if you can find AMAZING deals, you'll get to feed you'll get to feed your travel addiction even more.

You've got the Hopper app, you've got dozens of daily alerts coming in from Airfare Watchdog, you know Google Flights and Momondo inside and out - all so you can spend less on flights, and travel more.

But every once in a while...

The airlines have you beat and it drives you CRAZY!!

You know what I'm talking about...

    • Weddings
    • Funerals
    • Family Reunions
    • Job interviews

    They all have one thing in common:

    Other than occasionally getting lucky - it's nearly impossible to get a good price for those kinds of trips.


    What if you had an ace up your sleeve?

    What if you had an ace up your sleeve that you can pull out whenever you can't find a good deal on the traditional travel sites?

    Imagine how much more you'd travel if you knew with certainty that the airlines would never stick you with paying high prices for airfare again.

    Better yet - imagine how much BETTER your travels would be if instead of wasting the majority of your travel budget on flights...

    What if you got to use your travel budget on things like

    • Upgrades to the penthouse suite
    • Business class upgrades (that still cost less than a seat in coach)
    • All-inclusive resorts
    • Swimming with dolphins, SCUBA lessons, helicopter tours, or all of the above.
    • Hiring a professional photographer
    • More trips!

    Hi, I'm Joel McDonald and I'm the founder of Just Get Out Of Town. (AKA "JGOOT")

    My friends, family and I have flown to dozens of locations around the world for nothing but the cost of taxes.

    Just a few trips we've taken include:

    The secret?

    Frequent flyer points.

    Did you know that with the right strategy - frequent flyer points are about 10,000 times easier to earn than dollars?

    And with the right strategy - you can earn enough frequent flyer points to fly anywhere in the world with about an hour of work?

    That's right. With less time than what most people waste trying to find affordable flights on the major search engines - you can earn enough frequent flyer points to fly anywhere in the world for nothing but the cost of taxes.

    *Or if you prefer - you can stay within the US and fly two or three times as often as flying internationally.


    ANYONE can do this

    The best part is that ANYONE can do this.

    Here is a video of my parents and parents in-law. They have both started using this strategy to visit friends & family more often.

    If you don't have 5 minutes to watch the whole video, fast-forward to 4:08 where my mother-in-law talks about how it only took her 5 minutes.

    Normally $97

    This quick-start guide takes 10 minutes to read, can be implemented in under an hour, and normally costs $97 (and is worth every penny because it will save 5 to 10 times that on your very next trip.)

    But if you buy before the timer below runs out, you can

    Get it for $7 today.

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    Why am I practically GIVING this quick-start guide away if it can save you thousands of dollars?

    First - want a testimonial from you. Let's face it - Being able to travel for under $100 when everyone else on the same plane as you is paying $300 to $1500 is unbelievable to most people.

    I've got hundreds of testimonials just like the ones below, but that's STILL not enough. (I won't stop collecting testimonials until JGOOT has become a household name.)

    Second - Travel changed my life during an extremely difficult time.

    Had I not discovered travel as a way to occasionally escape the rat-race of life...

    Had I not started proactively taking my kids on trips that allowed us to bond in a way that simply can't be done staying at home...

    Had I not learned to travel for prices that can be less expensive than staying home...

    I might not be here today.

    Travel changed my life and I'm on a mission to help anyone and everyone who wants to travel more, but doesn't think it fits in the budget. (When you travel my way (The JGOOT Way) travel fits in ANY budget.)

    Third - Flying on points is just the tip of the iceberg

    Traveling using frequent flyer points is just one of 3 strategies that will allow you to

    • Save time hunting down travel deals
    • Spend less on flights and hotels (80% to 98% less)
    • Spend more on shit that matters. (Yes - I said "shit." I'm not a major travel site with investors to answer to. I'm a real guy who figured out a way to spend less on flights and hotels than just about anyone else taking the same fucking trip as me (shit - I did it again.) Seriously. Using this strategy - you'll pay less for your trips than what pilots and flight attendants pay when flying standby (AND you'll be more guaranteed a seat on the plane than they are).
    • I won't stop spreading the word until I've taught at least 10,000 people to stop saying "I wish I could travel more" and actually start traveling more.

    After you discover the wonderful world of traveling on points, I'm positive you'll want to upgrade to my premium trip-alert service. It's designed to go hand-in-hand with traveling on points, and will allow you to stretch your newfound frequent-flyer points as far as possible.

    (I'll tell you more about that with the free subscription you just subscribed to.)

    "If you want to change 100,000 lives, why not give this information away for free?"

    Let's face it - I could give you this quick-start guide for free. In fact, you could poke around for a few hours on my free blog and probably figure it out yourself.

    But if there is one thing I've learned from my previous career as an author of multiple books for Google and highly paid consultant, it's this:

    Very few people apply the information they get for free.

    But when they pay for that same information - they have what is called "skin in the game", and they're 100 times more likely to put it into action.

    So do yourself a favor right now.

    Buy this quick-start guide for $7 (but PRETEND you paid $97 for it).

    Put it into action within the hour so you can recoup your investment ASAP. (Did you see the video above from my mother-in-law? She did it in 5 minutes!)

    Then - When you book a flight that should have cost you $500 to $1500 for under $100 - I'd love to get a testimonial like one of the testimonials below.

    Happy travels!


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