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Are you a happy JGOOT (Just Get Out Of Town) subscriber? Next time you take a trip,
send us an on-location video and take your next vacation on us!*

Step 1: Send us an on-location video Step 2: Choose your next vacation destination

When you go on your next vacation thanks to finding a great JGOOT price, send a quick video telling us about it and we'll send you a vacation voucher good for 3 to 7 nights in lodging!

  • Step 1: Shoot a quick video on-location while on vacation
  • Step 2: Choose a vacation voucher you'd like from the list below**
  • Step 3: Email your video to us at

5 Vacations To Choose From

Things to include in your testimonial

Not sure what to say?  Here are a few things that would be helpful to include in your video.

  1. Introduce yourself, mention where you are and thank JGOOT for sharing the trip you are currently on.
  2. Tell viewers what you like about being a premium subscriber or why viewers should become premium subscribers.
  3. Optional: Try to include something unique to the area in the background of your video
  4. Optional: If you paid a GREAT price, mention what you'd normally have paid, and what you paid.

Other things worth mentioning in your video:

If it was a direct flight, or was on a non-discount airline. That it was NOT a last-minute flight and that you had plenty of time to plan for it. If you got a great deal on lodging too. If you used our frequent flyer points strategy. If you were able to get a cheap upgrade to first or business class.

Redemption Instructions:

When you've shot your video, simply email it to us at, and let us know which vacation voucher you'd like us to send. If we add your video testimonial to our site, we'll send your vacation voucher of choice by the next business day.

Taking multiple trips? All the better! Any time you go to a new place, send us another video and we'll send another voucher of your choice! (Each destination can be used once per year.)

Examples of other on-location testimonials

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