Donate to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation...
Get a 3 to 5 Night Vacation

(And maybe some extra spending cash for your trip.)

Here is a video from a a subscriber who just redeemed her vacation certificate.

Hi I'm Michelle,

My husband Joel and I are riding with "team JGOOT" ( to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Research.

To encourage generous giving, Joel's company has partnered with Westgate Resorts, and Mayan Palace by Vidanata - and they have generously given us several "empty allotment" vacation vouchers worth $585 to $2380 to give to anyone who donates to my CF ride page.

Donate $75 and get:

  • 3 nights of lodging valued at $585
  • Choose from 7 popular destinations around the US including Vegas, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Gaitlinburg, etc.
  • NO timeshare presentations required
  • Valid for 18 months
  • Subject to terms and conditions on the certificate below

Donate $150 and get:

  • 5-night luxury Mexico vacation valued at $1495
  • Located at any of 5 Vidanta Mayan Palace locations
  • NO timeshare presentations required
  • Valid for 18 months
  • Subject to terms and conditions on the certificate below

Donate $200 and get BOTH vacation vouchers AND:

  • Get a $300 hotel savings card
  • Redeemable at over 400,000 hotels worldwide (including for a local "staycation")
  • Also redeemable toward car rentals and thousands of activities and excursions around the world.
  • Total value: $2380

2 ways to get your bonus:

To receive any of the above vacation bonuses, donate between $75 and $200 to ANY of the following pages and send a receipt.

More details below.

"How can they do this?"  It's called "empty allotment space" and it's how travel agents and people in the industry get comped rooms and have to pay nothing other than taxes and mandatory fees.

"What's empty allotment space?"  Hotels are only 100% sold out about 20% of the year. The rest of the time, rather than letting the room go empty (and miss out on selling hundreds of dollars in food, drinks, activities, and getting tips for their staff), they let people in the travel industry stay for the cost of nothing other than mandatory taxes & fees.  As long as you're slightly flexible on the dates you can go (ie: don't expect to go the last couple weeks of December, or during major holiday weekends), these vacation vouchers will allow you the same amazingly affordable perks as travel agents and travel bloggers.

More details below. Thanks in advance for your generous donation!


Joel McDonald
Founder: Just Get Out Of Town, LLC

PS - We have 4 JGOOT subscribers riding with us as well! If you'd like to join our team, click here.


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*After your tax-deductible donation, send a copy of your receipt to ""  All bonuses will be manually ordered and emailed by our service department within 2 business days.