If you're reading this, you've already seen it all from me.

Free reports, webinars, blog posts, case-studies, free alerts of trips left-over after my premium subscribers picked through them, and even hundreds of testimonials from happy subscribers.

But all of the above won't mean squat if you wait until you're ready to plan your next trip. (That's how most people travel, and that's why most people pay 3 to 10 times what you'll pay when you start traveling The JGOOT Way.)

So how about if I give you this personal guarantee?

Let go of how you've always traveled.

Upgrade now (whether planning a trip or not) and give traveling The JGOOT Way a try.

You'll stop wasting so much time looking for good travel deals that don't exist.

You'll spend 50% to 98% less on flights. Every. Single. Time.

You'll actually start traveling more.

At the end of a year, if you look back at your travels and find the above not to be true, check out the guarantee below.


1 Year 'Spend Less & Travel More' Guarantee

Take the next year traveling The JGOOT Way.  Any time before August 21, 2020, if you feel you haven’t ACTUALLY traveled more and spent less as a result of your JGOOT membership, simply cancel your subscription and ask for your money back. We’ll give a prompt refund – with no questions asked.


To secure your 1-year guarantee:

  1. Select the home airport closest to you.
  2. Select "Annual" ($97) or "Lifetime" ($349) subscription.
  3. Copy and paste discount code "FullRefundAnyTimeBeforeAug212020" and hit "apply" before final checkout. This will override our default 30-day guarantee, and you will have a full 365 days to cancel and ask for your money back if dissatisfied for any reason.
Start Traveling "The JGOOT Way"Be sure to use discount code "FullRefundAnyTimeBeforeAug212020" at checkout

This offer expires in:


*I've never done this before, and due to the risk of people taking advantage of my good nature as much as a year from now, I am only offering this to those who upgrade to a premium subscription before the timer expires. After that, I will remove the discount code and go back to my standard "try it risk-free for 30-days" guarantee.

Happy Travels!

Joel McDonald

Founder: Just Get Out Of Town

PS - I've still got a few Mexico Vacation vouchers left from the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser I did last week. So if you sign up for an annual or lifetime subscription before I run out, I'll give you one. (I'll remove this "PS" as soon as I run out so if you see this message, I still have one for you.)

Start Traveling "The JGOOT Way"Be sure to use discount code "FullRefundAnyTimeBeforeAug212020" at checkout

Subscriber Testimonials

Start Traveling "The JGOOT Way"Be sure to use discount code "FullRefundAnyTimeBeforeAug212020" at checkout