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How many more trip alerts do you actually get?

  • Instant access to hundreds of trips

    As a free subscriber – you get two or three free trip-alerts per week.

    As a premium subscriber –  you’ll get instant access to hundreds of mistake fares (and more exciting new trip-alerts in a day than what free subscribers get in a week.)

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  • 3 day advance notice

    Since all trips have limited seating at these low prices, premium subscribers get 3-day advance notice before tens of thousands of free subscribers get them.

Who is Joel and how does he find these deals?

This service is NOT for you if...

Please note that this is not a last-minute fare-finding service.

If you're looking for a cheap flight to a specific place at a specific time and have zero flexibility on when/where you want to go, this service will not be a fit for you (especially if that trip is in the next month or two). The JGOOT Way of travel is about preparation and planning so if you're looking for quick-fixes to an immediate problem, our service will not be a fit.

This service IS for you if...

If you have the slightest bit of flexibility on when/where you're willing to travel, and are willing to plan ahead, we've got a 30-day risk-free guarantee that says you'll LOVE The JGOOT Way of travel.

We find the cheapest 1% of flights on the internet and notify you well in advance you so you can take advantage of the trips that interest you. But again - you MUST be willing to plan ahead, and have a little bit of flexibility to take advantage of the trips we'll send you.

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30 day Money-Back Guarantee

Try us out for 30 days risk-free. If you’re not 100% convinced you’ll be able to spend far less, AND waste less time hunting down travel deals, just send us an email asking for a refund.

We’ll give a prompt refund with no questions asked.

 Subscription options

* Free for as long as you like
* 1/20th as many trips to choose from as premium
* Get trip-alerts 3 days after premium subscribers
* Average time before trips sell out: 12 to 48 hours

* $24/month
* No long-term commitment
* No need to compete with tens of thousands of free subscribers
* Average of time before trips sell out: 10 days
* Try for 30 days for one dollar

* $47/quarter
* 35% more affordable than monthly
* No need to compete with tens of thousands of free subscribers
* Includes 30-day risk-free guarantee

* $97/year (Less than $8/month)
* Our most popular plan
* No need to compete with tens of thousands of free subscribers
* Average time before trips sell out: 10 days
* 30-day risk-free guarantee

* $349 one-time (Best value)
* No recurring subscriptions
* No need to compete with tens of thousands of free subscribers
* Average time before trips sell out: 10 days
* 30-day risk-free guarantee

Limited-Time Bonus

Join as a lifetime or annual subscriber, and get a 5-night luxury vacation voucher at any of 5 Mayan Palace Resorts in Mexico.

  • No timeshare presentation required
  • Good for 18 months (subject to availability)
  • Pay only taxes of $19.70 per night and resort fee of $10 to $20 per night
  • Valued at $1495
  • Must be 21 to redeem


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