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Hi, I'm Joel McDonald & this is my wife Michelle.

Our friends call us "Jochelle."

We discovered "The JGOOT Way" of travel in 2015 when I stumbled across mysteriously low $192 fares to Aruba (during peak season!)

Most people would pay $2500 to $3000 to fly to Aruba and stay 6 nights at the Renaissance, but by bundling our already discounted airfare with a hotel - we got an even bigger discount and went for $1104 total.

Since then, we started sharing trips with friends & family. A few friends have joined us for "friendcations" in Turks and Caicos, we've flown to visit countless friends & family around the country, and friends have visited us here in Colorado. (All thanks to the amazingly cheap fares we find.)

How cheap? Just a few of the places we've visited include: $192 to Aruba, $110 to Cabo, $96 to Turks & Caicos, $29 to Indianapolis, $39 to Los Angeles, $11 to Ohio to visit family, and my all-time favorite - $22 to Kauai, Hawaii (The people sitting right next to us paid over $1300 each).

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Bonus #3: Lifetime access to my private point-hacking group

• Get lifetime access to our member-only point-hacking discussion group.

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Book last-minute flights for $11 when everyone else is paying $300 to $500

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​The holy grail of all trips: Long-haul flights in a $10,000 to $25,000 first-class suite

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The Next Two Days Only:

Upgrade your subscription and get the following bonuses worth over $2100:

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