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Bali is the #1 bucket-list destination in the world

According to a survey in Forbes Magazine, Bali is the #1 bucket-list destination in the world. Unfortunately, most people never get to travel there because when they don't know any better - they have to spend thousands of dollars on flights alone. But...

Imagine if you could get there (and stay there) for under $300 per-person...

I've got   25   21  "empty allotment" vouchers that are good for seven nights at a luxury resort in Bali. They're good for 18 months, they don't require a timeshare presentation, and they're pretty much how travel agents stay at resorts for nothing but the cost of mandatory taxes & fees.

But that's not even the best part!

Just think how much sooner you could travel to Bali if you could not only stay there for the cost of taxes alone...

Better yet - imagine if you could fly there for a few hundred dollars. (Possibly under $100!)

Keep reading & I'll tell you more...

Hi, I'm Joel McDonald & this is my wife Michelle.

Our friends call us "Jochelle."

We discovered "The JGOOT Way" of travel after a life-changing lesson from a pilot. More on that later, but long story short - I stumbled across mysteriously low $192 fares to Aruba (during peak season!)

Most couples would pay $1500 to $2500 for round-trip flights to Aruba, and ANOTHER $2000+ to stay at a posh hotel with its own private island. But by bundling our already discounted airfare with a hotel Expedia gave us a massive discount on the hotel too. We went for a TOTAL of $1104 (including two direct flights, and 6 nights at the Renaissance!)

Since then, we started sharing trips with friends & family. A few friends have joined us for "friendcations" and we've flown to visit countless friends & family around the country.

All thanks to the amazingly cheap fares we find.

How Cheap? Other places we've visited include:

And our all-time favorite:

Hawaii for $22 round-trip

(The people sitting right next to us paid over $1300 each)

But it doesn't stop there!

We've taught friends & family to spend less on travel & some of them even come to visit us.


Indianapolis to Colorado (Steamboat Balloon Festival)
$12 round-trip

L.A. to Colorado Ski Trip:
$49 round-trip

Raleigh to Colorado: $74 round-trip

We've taught our parents and in-laws "the secret" too!

Enough about us.

Now Let's Talk About YOUR Trip To Bali.

Here is the resort you can get for 7 nights for the cost of taxes alone:

  • 7 nights at the White Rose Kuta Resort in Bali
  • Valued at $1085 (pay only mandatory taxes of $21.12 per night.)
  • No timeshare presentations required
  • Redeemable for 18 months (subject to availability)
  • Rated 4+ stars by over 1200 Travelers on TripAdvisor

Here's a video from the vacation company we've partnered with to give you this amazing deal

Here's what you need to do next

1) Be one of the next    25   21  to sign up for my premium trip-alert service during my "7 nights in Bali" promo, and I'll GIVE you a lodging voucher good for 7 nights at the above resort. (Value: $1085)

2) Take 60 seconds a day and review the new trip opportunities we will begin to send you each morning. We'll start sending 10 times more than what you've been getting as a free subscriber, so keep a special eye out for Bali when we find flights in the $250 to $500 range. (Since we find dirt-cheap flights to Indonesia several times a month - there will be plenty of time for you to find a trip that fits your schedule and there will be no need to pay more than $500 for a round-trip flight.)
Total cost for round-trip flight and lodging using this strategy: $325 to $575 per person.

3) If you want to fly there for even less than that, I'll teach you my super-simple "backup plan" method. It takes no more than an hour or two, and will allow you to fly there on frequent flyer points for less than $100 in taxes. (In fact - Next month, I'm flying to Asia in business class for $150 round-trip using this exact strategy.)
Total cost for flight and lodging using this strategy: $175 to $225 per-person.


Do the above simple 3 steps, and your TOTAL cost per-person for flights AND lodging in Bali will be no more than $225 per person

Are you game?

Sign up to join thousands of happy travelers below & you'll have instant access to our insider's club. Tomorrow - not only will Brooke, my director of support, email your lodging voucher to you, but more importantly...

You'll start getting 3 to 5 alerts of trips my team found the night before.

    • They'll be the cheapest prices you've ever seen
    • They'll be over popular times like Winter break, Spring break, etc.
    • Many will be so inexpensive, to places so affordable - it will be cheaper to book the trip than to stay home...
    • Best of all - there are no middlemen inflating the cost of YOUR trip with expensive commissions. You can book them straight with the airlines or travel site of your choice!

...and you won't be able to help taking an extra trip or two per year - for less than what you used to spend on a single trip.

Sound like a good deal?

Join thousands of happy subscribers & sign up below.



If you're among the next 
 25   21  to sign up...

7-nights in Bali

    • No timeshare presentation required
    • Good for 18 months (subject to availability)
    • Good for 8 days, 7 nights at the White Rose Kuta Resort in Bali
    • Pay only taxes of $21.12 per night
    • Value: $1085
    • Yours for FREE during this promotion

Get a $300 travel discount card

    • Redeemable at over 400,000 hotels worldwide
    • Can also be used toward car rentals and activities all around the world
    • Good for 12 months from being issued
    • Value: $300
    • Yours FREE during this promotion

Immediate access to my private 2500+ member point-hacking group

      • I call it my "backup plan" and you'll discover how to earn 25 to 50 frequent flyer points for every dollar you spend at the grocery, on gas, and other everyday expenses (WITHOUT juggling dozens of credit cards.)
      • I'll share exactly how I've:
        • Flown to Hawaii for $22
        • Flown to funerals at the last minute for $11
        • Booked business-class flights to Asia for the cost of taxes alone (Under $150 round-trip)
        • Stayed at $400/night hotels for nothing but the cost of taxes and resort fees
      • This alone will be worth 50 times the cost of your subscription.
      • Value: $497
      • Yours for FREE during this promotion

$150 discount for the next  25   21  subscribers

    • Be one of next   25   21  subscribers to use discount code "BaliVacation" and I'll knock $150 off of your subscription price!
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    • Value: $297
    • Yours for $147 during this promotion

Total value of bonuses: $2079
Your cost: $147

(In other words - Any ONE of the bonuses above are worth 2 to 7 times your subscription cost.)

But Don't Wait! The above bonuses Expire In

To claim your bonuses before I run out:

    1. Click the green button below and select the home airport closest to you.
    2. Copy and paste discount code "BaliVacation" and hit "apply" before final checkout.
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Take our trip-alert service for a spin for 30 days. If you’re not 100% convinced your next trip will be cheaper than any trip you’ve ever taken before, email us at “cancel@justgetoutoftown.com” and ask for your money back.

We’ll give you a refund with no questions asked. (And you can keep the vacation voucher – just for giving my premium service a try!)

Claim Your Bali VacationBe sure to use discount code "BaliVacation" at checkout

Please note: You MUST use discount code "Bali Vacation" at checkout before timer below expires to claim these bonuses.

Once the timer below expires, prices will go back to $297, and the vacation bonuses will be gone.

Subscriber Testimonials


Have I failed you?

If you're still reading thinking "Sounds cool. I'll be sure to check it out some day." - I've failed you.

I've failed to communicate that traveling more often doesn't happen by passively saying


"We'll travel more after this next promotion."


"We'll travel more when we have $$ in the budget."


I know... I got caught up in that grind for years and it cost me my first marriage.

Then a friend who was a pilot stepped in and changed my life

I spent years being caught-up in the grind of getting ahead in my career, and before I knew it - I was in the middle of a brutal divorce.

After years of feeling sorry for myself and burying myself in work, a pilot friend of mine (Glen) told me to get my head out of my ass. He said I needed to spend more quality time with my kids, and one of the best ways to do that was by unplugging and to just get out of town.

He pointed out that every year I didn't make travel a priority - bosses, demanding clients, furnaces or new transmissions would skip in front of line - and it wouldn't happen.

He said before I knew it, my kids would be off to college, I'd be retired, and it would be too late to go to the places I can easily go now.

What he said next changed my life instantly:

Ask any person on their death bed what they wished they had done differently - and NOT ONE of them would say "I wish I worked more"...

He went on to say

But almost EVERYONE on their death-bed says:  "I wish I traveled more.".GlM

So I'll tell you the same thing Glen told me back then:

Don't put this off another day!

Let me ask you:

How long have you been telling yourself you wish you could travel more?

How often do you find yourself living vicariously through other friends' vacation photos on their Facebook and Instagram feeds?

How much more often would you travel if you knew - without a doubt - that a couple simple tweaks to how you travel - would allow you to travel for 50% to 90% less every time you vacationed?

How much more often would you get out of town if you no longer had "cost" as an excuse?

It's like scratching a lottery ticket every morning.

Sign up today. Spend a minute a day looking at your daily premium trip-alerts and watch what begins to happen:

Imagine finding a trip to a best-friend's hometown for $30 to $50. Imagine booking a quick weekend trip, renewing your friendship, and coming back to work refreshed, re-charged, and knowing that you can take trips like that as often as you like. (Not to mention be more productive at work.)

Imagine opening an email one morning and seeing a ~$300 international flight that normally costs ~$1500. By bundling it with a hotel, your total cost per person will be under $350, and instead of needing to wait until retirement, you can go in a few months.

Imagine not ever being held hostage by the airline's high-prices ever again. Imagine being able to be there for friends or family - even in last-minute emergencies - for nothing but the cost of taxes while everyone else on the plane is paying $500 to $750 for those exact same tickets.

Better yet - imagine being able to upgrade to business class, or a nicer resort (or both) and STILL spend less than what everyone else paid for their coach seat because they didn't know any better.

Join today with confidence. If you're not 100% convinced that ALL of the above can become your reality - ask for your money back any time in the next 30 days. We'll give a prompt refund with no questions asked.

See you soon!


Founder: Just Get Out Of Town, LLC


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30-day money-back guarantee

Take our trip-alert service for a spin for 30 days. If you’re not 100% convinced your next trip will be cheaper than any trip you’ve ever taken before, email us at “cancel@justgetoutoftown.com” and ask for your money back.

We’ll give you a refund with no questions asked.

Claim Your Bali VacationBe sure to use discount code "BaliVacation" at checkout