Travel: The #1 Desire Of Most Lottery Winners...

But When You Can Travel For As Little As 10% Of What Everyone Else Pays... Why Wait?
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Dear Travel Enthusiast,

Imagine the places you'd go if you knew how to consistently book flights at 50% to 90% less than what most people pay for those same flights. (And with less time wasted trying to hunt down a good deal.)

Now imagine the conversations at the office and at parties - entirely because of the exotic pictures you're continually posting from your latest trips.

Better still... Imagine not only never having to pay full price for airfare again, but...

when you play your cards just right..

you can fly business or first class and STILL pay less than what everyone else flying in coach paid for their seat.



Flying in a suite for less than the cost of coach

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Joel McDonald, and this is my wife Michelle. Our friends call us "Jochelle" and we and our kids LOVE to travel.

We've gone on amazing dive trips in Turks and Caicos for $96 round-trip.

We've flown to Cabo multiple times, and the most we've paid is $110.

We've flown to visit friends & family in over a dozen states around the US for well under $50 round-trip.

We've flown to Singapore in a SUITE, and we paid less for that $12,000 flight than what most people paid for their coach seat.

Our personal record is Kauai, Hawaii - for $22 round-trip!

But I Have A Confession...

I didn't always know how to travel so well. Years ago, I paid way too much for our vacations.

And just like everyone else - we only traveled once or twice a year because that was all that fit in the budget.



An Amazing Discovery From A Pilot

While going through a brutal divorce, assets were frozen and a very good pilot friend, Glen, gave me a buddy pass to use for a whole year.

He taught me the ins and outs of the Airline industry. Since I was flying stand-by, he taught me how to study seating charts to make sure I got a seat on the plane - every time I traveled.

I got to travel anywhere I wanted, absolutely free. (It was the best year EVER!)

I was no longer depressed...

My kids and I created hundreds of amazing and unique memories that we still fondly talk about about nearly a decade later...

Thanks to Glen, I was introduced to the world of travel - and my life changed forever.

Little did I know - learning the seating-chart secret he taught me would drastically improve family's and my travels forever (even after losing the buddy pass privileges I was lucky enough to have for that one amazing year).

That one simple secret meant being able to find flights that would allow us to travel 3 times as often (with a higher quality of travel) - for less than what we used to pay for a single trip.


$47 flights to Vegas

An Unexpected Discovery

As I planned my last trip before my buddy pass expired, I had all of my seating charts in front of me...

Dozens of flights with hundreds of empty seats that they were willing to give away to employees (and their friends/families) - but only if they couldn't sell those seats first... Even if at a 50% to 90% discount.

The bottom line is..

The airlines HATE having empty seats on planes.

In fact, as early as 10 months before a flight, if they don't have at least 10% of their seats booked - they drastically slash prices to fill those seats (Sometimes, by as much as 90%).

They do the same 6 months before departure, 4 months before, 2 months before, and so on.

All I needed to do was figure out a way to find those opportunities, and low and behold - it was easier than I thought.

Once I learned that one simple trick - we started traveling three times as often because it became less expensive to travel during school breaks - than stay at home.


$96 flights to Turks & Caicos

$22 flights to Hawaii

But It Wasn't All Rainbows & Unicorns

Remember - I was in the middle of a divorce as I discovered how to travel affordably. My ex-wife's lawyer got word of all of our travels, and demanded an explanation.

"How can you be taking the kids on all of these vacations when their Mom hasn't even been able to take them on a single trip?"

"After alimony - you both have the exact same incomes. You must be hiding money." Her lawyer demanded.

Nope - I just found a way to book flights so inexpensive - It was actually cheaper to just get out of town- than to stay at home trying to entertain my kids during school breaks.

(Especially when staying home during school breaks means shuttling my kids to a quadrillion bouncy-house & bowling parties of friends my kids barely knew.)

Thanks for the 8 bouncy-house invites over school break, but the kids and I will take the culture, new foods, snorkeling with whale sharks, and unforgettable stories that will get told to their kids (my future grandkids) for decades to come.

So be prepared for some judgemental comments...

Once you start traveling two or three times as often for less than what it costs to stay at home - be prepared for lots of snarky comments from jealous ex's, or nosy co-workers.

"Must be nice to be able to travel so much..."

"Did you win the lottery and not tell me about it??"

It's OK. They just don't know your secret. 😉

You can share your newfound discovery with the people you want to travel with, and let the others continue to comment on your Instagram posts from the waiting room of their kids' bouncy-house parties.


$11 flights to NY

$11 Flights to San Francisco

Want To Know The 3 Simple Steps To Affordable Travel?

They're so easy, you'll hardly believe me, but here goes.

  • Secret #1: Be Flexible

    If you can only travel during holidays, that might be as simple as going to Costa Rica instead of Cabo, or to Disney World Instead of Disneyland. Why? Because when you apply Secret #2, you can get there for 1/2 to 1/4 the price.

    If you want to go to a specific place, you might need to fly in the night before, or return a day later than planned. Why? Because your family of four can save $550 per ticket that way, and you can spend the $2200 savings however you like (even toward an unpaid vacation day.)

  • Secret #2: Look every day and plan ahead.

    80% or 90% off flights won't wait until you eventually get around to planning a trip. Look every day, and you'll regularly find flights so affordable - you can book them months in advance, plan your schedule around them, and you'll spend 50% to 90% less than the other suckers who waited until it was too late.

    And don't worry - when you join our trip-alert service, this takes about 60 seconds a day. Literally

  • Secret #3: Have a backup plan.

    Sometimes, you won't be able to be flexible, and you won't be able to plan ahead. We'll show you how to earn 25 to 100 frequent flyer points per dollar spent on regular expenses like gas, groceries, eating out, etc. It takes 20 or 30 minutes to set up, and requires no changes whatsoever to your everyday credit card spending.

    Before you know it - you'll have a stash of 100,000 frequent flyer points you can use any time you don't like the prices you're paying - and you can fly there (and possibly stay there) for FREE!

$47 daddy-daughter trip to Cabo

$86 flights to Puerto Vallarta

Easy, right?

The above 3 steps are literally all you need. They're just plain common sense, and as you can imagine - they're a piece of cake to do. (Especially when you subscribe to our trip-alert service.)

Most days, opening your daily trip-alert email will be be a 60-second escape from your day while you dream about the places you might go.

But some days...

Some days - you'll find a trip to a place you've always wanted to visit that is so ridiculously affordable - you can't afford not to go...

You'll be looking at your calendar to see if you can make the available dates work with your schedule.

If it doesn't work, no problem at all... You're only out a few minutes, and we'll send another 3 to 5 possible adventures the very next day.

$29 flights to Indianapolis

If You Look Back On Your Life, What Do You See?

How many hours have you wasted hopelessly trying to find a good travel deal - when a good deal doesn't exist for that destination at that time?

How many trips have you not taken thinking "some day - I'll travel more" - with some day never happening because broken furnaces, new transmissions, and kids' braces kept skipping ahead in line?

How often do you settle for living vicariously through other friends' Facebook & Instagram travel pictures - thinking "I wish I could travel like them?"

There Is A Better Way

Since you book the flights directly through the airlines or major travel site of your choice, you can book with confidence, knowing there is no middle-man inflating the cost of YOUR trip with THEIR commission that more than doubles the cost.

You can book the flight by itself, adjust dates, research your lodging choices with thousands of third-party reviews - all so you know exactly what you're getting BEFORE booking it.

Now Is Your Chance To Change Your Traveling Future

Let's face it - Travel changes your life in ways that "grinding it out" at work simply can't do. If you don't agree, you can quit reading right now.

Keep traveling the same way you always have, and you'll continue to get the same result.

But I'm here to tell you...

Little hinges swing big doors, and once you apply the 3 simple steps I've shared on this page - your traveling future will change forever. Guaranteed.


"Why Should I Pay For Information I Can Find Myself?"

Sure - you could sign up for free fare-alert services.
There are dozens out there. But unless your dreams are limited to Disney World and Cabo - you'll have to manually review alerts to hundreds of destinations every day until the right deal pops up.

But who has time for that?!?!

Now Let's Talk About Our Paid Service

Our convenient trip alert-service.
It's as easy as opening a single email from us each morning. It will contain all of the travel deals we found the night before and you can review it over your morning coffee.

One of our subscribers views opening his daily email "60 seconds of dreaming and fun" - whether he finds a trip that day or not.

Learning to earn Frequent Flyer Miles
Do you remember the frustration of trying to find an affordable flight for a family emergency or a wedding?

You probably paid an arm-and-a-leg, right? 

Imagine not ever being held hostage to the high-prices airlines are charging when you have a family emergency.

Using our simple point-hacking strategy, you'll discover how to earn enough frequent flyer points to fly you anywhere you like, any time you want (no matter what the airlines are charging.)

It takes as little as 30 minutes a year and it's like having a blank check you can cash whenever you don't like the prices the airline is charging.

Let's Recap

So you've now discovered the 3 simple secrets to spend 50% to 90% less - every single time you travel. Guaranteed.

      • Be flexible so you can get the best rate possible.
      • Spend 60 seconds a day looking for the right travel deal
      • Have a backup plan so you never have to pay full price again.

Just think - With those 3 simple secrets, you'll never be dependent on middlemen getting paid 20% to 40% commissions and driving the cost of your trips up.

With those 3 simple secrets, you'll never fall victim to airlines knowing they've got you exactly where they want you and charging you as much as they can get away with.

And imagine what you'll do with the savings:

      • Take more trips?
      • Upgrade to the penthouse suite?
      • Upgrade to all-inclusive resorts?
      • Upgrade to first class (and still pay less than what most people paid for their coach seat?)
      • Go to Bali instead of Cabo?

Imagine how many more memories you'll have a decade from now if you immediately start taking two or three extra trips a year...

All because you figured out the simple secret that allows you to travel for less than the cost of a "stay-cation".

Imagine if a family emergency happens and a friend/relative can't fly out because of finances. How grateful will they be if you dip into your emergency stash of frequent flyer points to put them on a plane so they can be there for your family?

You have two choices

1) Keep doing things the way you always have, and expect to get a different result.


2) Join our trip-alert service and have the confidence that you'll be able to travel for 50% to 90% less - every time you travel.

50% Off Early-Bird Pricing

The seats we share with our subscribers have very limited availability at that price.

There are as few as 6 seats, and rarely more than 20 seats at that price. Once the airline fills those seats, they go back to normal prices for everyone else.

Once we are at maximum capacity we will be forced to close the doors to new members.  That way, our premium members won't have to compete with each other for the limited seats available at the prices we find.

Once doors are closed, we will raise the price forever, and new members will only be able to join on the rare occasion existing members choose to leave.

By joining now, you can join with confidence that by preparing in advance - you'll forever pay far less than any future members who waited.

You can relax knowing that you've got a team of experts working through the night while you sleep - so you can wake up each morning to trips that will take you minutes too book when they interest you. (Gone are the days of wasting dozens of hours trying to find affordable vacations.)

After we close the doors - new members will only be able to join at full-price.

Nearly $850 In Bonuses

Bonus #1: Point-Hacking Quick-Start Guide 
Learn to get 50,000 points worth $500 to $2500 in travel - with less than 30 minutes of work.
Value: $97

Bonus #2: Point-hacking comprehensive report & recorded webinars
Learn how credit-card point hacking works, how to increase and protect your credit score, why banks do it, and why airlines do it. You'll also learn how you can generate $500 to $5000 in travel benefits on-demand, to be prepared for travel emergencies - with 30 to 60 minutes of work.
Value: $247

Bonus #3: Lifetime access to our exclusive member-only group
Join over 2500 members who will share their tips & tricks on how they get 25 to 50 frequent flyer points per dollar spent, and how they use those frequent flyer points to travel whenever they want, regardless of prices airlines are charging.)
Value: $247

Total value including your membership: Over $800
Total cost during early-bird discount: $147


My TRIPLE Guarantee

Guarantee #1: No questions asked money back-guarantee
Take 30 days to see if my 3 simple rules help you travel more, waste less time hunting down travel deals, and spend less on travel. If you're not satisfied, email us at "cancel@justgetoutoftown" by the 30th day and ask for your money back.  My support staff will issue a full refund by the next business day, with no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: Travel more this upcoming year, or get double your money back.
Follow our simple 3-step program, and if you don't start traveling more, and spending less over the next year, cancel and ask for a refund. We'll not only issue a refund... We'll double your money back.*
Value: $497

Guarantee #3: Personal hand-holding from me.
My personal track-record is about $.12 on the dollar for my family's travels...

I've taught thousands of subscribers how they can do the same using nothing but our simple 3-step program...

And I'm 100% confident you can do the same by following those 3 simple rules...

If at the end of a year, you don't feel you've traveled more, and spent less by following our 3 simple rules and want to continue as a member, I will personally consult with you until you book your next trip at 50% to 90% below market rates.*
Value: $250/month for up to 6 months.

*Guarantees #2 and #3 are contingent on following our simple 3-step plan:

  1. Open your daily trip-alerts every day and look at the 50% to 90% off trips we send. (It takes about 60 seconds a day)
  2. Be flexible on when/where you're willing to go in order to take advantage of heavily discounted trips on the dates they are available.
  3. Take 30 minutes to apply for a new credit card that pays at least a 50,000 point signup bonus. That way, you have a backup plan for rare occasions when rules 1 & 2 won't work.

It really is that simple!

Have I failed you?

P.S. - If you're still reading, thinking "Sounds cool! I'll be sure to come back and check this out when I'm ready to travel" - I've failed you.

Yes - I've taught thousands of subscribers how they can travel for pennies on the dollar.

Unfortunately, I've also had to tell thousands of subscribers that it was too late to start applying the simple 3 steps. (And man - lemme tell you - there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to help someone - when all they had to do was ask for help 3 or 4 months earlier.

Many of them were in a huge bind due to a funeral, or friend/family emergency. Because they didn't start practicing their simple 3 steps - they had no choice but to pay astronomical prices to be there for their loved ones (and some had families as large as 6.)

Just like you can't buy car insurance after an accident...

Just like you can't get life insurance after a heart attack...

You can't apply the 3 simple rules a week (or even a couple months) before a trip and expect to magically find 50% to 90% off.

Yes - it is easy.

Yes - once you join - you'll find yourself getting inspired to go to places you hadn't dreamed were even a possibility because they're 50% to 90% less than what every one else on the plane is paying.

But just like it's kinda hard to win the lottery if you're not playing - it's kinda hard to find 50% to 90% off flights if you're not always looking.

That's why we do the looking FOR YOU.  All you have to do is sign up today and wait for the right deal to come along.

Happy travels!


Hear From Happy Subscribers